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Next meeting is January 18 at 11:00 a.m,  

Visit us at 11:00 AM, third Saturday of the month, downstairs at the Waverly Library, 207 N. Market St., Waverly, OH.  November we meet 2nd Saturday at a local restaurant. Contact us for that location in October.  No meeting in December.

 Pike Speaks  Volume 13 Number 1 January 2019  has been released.  Here is an example of what you will find: "Fred Immel, who resides near Higby, was the victim of a serious accident last Saturday and received injuries that may yet cause his death.    On Saturday Mr. Immel started to the woods with a one horse wagon intending to haul ties. No one accompanied him and his failure to return at the proper time was the first intimation to his family that anything was wrong. A search failed to discover the cause of his absence and not until the evening of the next day did his anxious friends learn of his accident. Owing to his condition the man was then  unable to give a lucid account of what happened to him, but it is thought that while in the woods his horse ran away and that he was thrown from the wagon and badly hurt about the head. During the time from Saturday forenoon until Sunday evening he had wandered about in a dazed condition, and his death would probably have soon occurred from exposure and lack of medical attention.    Dr. Evans, of Richmondale was called and his examination revealed the fact that Immel is suffering from a severe concussion of the brain. At the last report the injured man was resting some easier, but there is some doubt of his complete recovery. August 9, 1900  Waverly News"

Need Your Help

Our society is still collecting information on Pike County Civil War soldiers, so if you have any information or photographs that you would like to share, please send them to the above listed post office address, or email to Janiec444@yahoo.com

Don’t forget to update or sign up for your Kroger Community Rewards to be donated to the Pike County Genealogy & Historical Society (this does not affect your fuel rewards).   Kroger requires us to renew every year, starting in April.

Now is a good time to work on an application for one of our Lineage Societies, such as First Families, Civil War Soldiers, and Canal Era Families of Pike County.  Send a request to us through our post office box if you need application forms or have any questions.  The address is Pike County Chapter of OGS, P.O. Box 224, Waverly, OH, 45690.

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Pike County Ohio Genealogy and Historical Society

PO Box 224, Waverly, Ohio, United States

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As you plan your trip to Pike county to do geology research be sure to check the Pike county Convention and visitor bureau web site, http://www.piketravel.com, for activities you may want to take in as well as where to stay and where to enjoy meals at our restaurants.