John Prather

Mr. John Prather formerly a citizen of this valley but of later years a resident of Williamsville, Id., died Monday. Mr. Prather has not been in good health for some time suffering from an affection of the heart and we understand that was the cause of his death.  Mr. Prather was seventy-eight years of age. He was a man of rare judgment having accumulated about $1,ooo,000. Besides his fine farming lands down on the prairie in this valley and several large farms in Illinois and Kansas he owned valuable property in Springfield.  He was born near Trimble’s Bridge, about four miles south of Waverly, and removed to Illinois about ‘75. Mr. Prather usually spent a portion of the summer here and was well known by many of our people. Mr. Jacob Steinhaur was his agent here and we understand he has gone to Williamsville to attend the funeral obsequies. January 16, 1891 Pike County Republican

 The John Prather Estate. Chillicothe Leader.  

The Leader erred when it stated that the recently deceased Mr. John Prather was a brother to Mrs. William A. Jones of Bournville. Mr. Prather married Mr. William A. Jones’ only sister. There is where the relationship came in.  Mr. Prather’s real estate consisted of 2,800 acres on the Cottonwood River, Kansas; 1,600 acres in Pike County, Ohio; 1,300 acres near Sherman, Illinois, the first station out of Springfield; 649 acres, known as the “Hamilton Section,” three miles from Williamsville; 400 acres in the home place, near Williamsville, Illinois, and 540 acres lying two miles west of Williamsville.  The personal property, as stated, amounted to about $200,000. This was divided equally between the two sons, Samuel and Frank. The real estate is valued at $400,000, and there was an equal division of that. The Kansas land was evenly divided; Frank takes the Pike County land and the home place, Samuel gets the balance. The real estate was practically divided between the sons a year or two ago. January 30, 1891 Pike County Republican